Winslow state park, Mt. Kearsarge??

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Sgt. Pepper

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Aug 3, 2022
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Was looking to hike up there later today. I know the gate is closed and you have to hike the road up to the trail. Looks like it adds a mile or so to the hike. No big deal. I’m wondering if anyone has any info on the parking in the winter?? Can you park near the closed gate?? Thanks in advance
Once upon a time you could park near the gate. The old main trail from the Wilmot side was pretty steep and very wet. Depending on how the thaw/freeze cycle was it could be very icy. Cheers
I’m a day late but I wanted to pass along that the auto road is a snowmobile trail in the winter. It’s never been an issue for me and it actually makes the walk easier.
The south side of the mountain is the same. Park at the gate and walk up the road to the trail.