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Thread: Wilderness FIrst Aid

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    Wilderness FIrst Aid

    After looking at the thread about wilderness CPR changes I got to thinking what I would do should an emergency arise while deep in the woods? I have no formal (or informal training for that matter)....

    Can anyone recommend a good class (preferred) or book (read the NOLS Wilderness Training manual and it was WAY over my head) offering the basics of wilderness first aid?

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    These are the folks to work with. Many groups sponsor courses taught by them, including the AMC. Any Wilderness F/A course taught by SOLO will be excellent.


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    I second D.M.'s SOLO recommendation.

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    You may want to look at this old thread.

    Old emergency backcountry thread

    I agree with Dave's suggestion about SOLO. I just recerted the wilderness portion of my EMT certification with them again and I still think very highly of their instructors.

    Any books by Dr. Weiss, Dr. Hubbell, SOLO or NOLS I would consider to be good but, they are not substitutes for hands on work with a skilled instructor. I have also seen other things on the internet by Dr. Keith Conover who also specialized in Wilderness/extended care topics but most of this information requires more than first aid training.

    Almost all medical training is done in two parts. Classroom and hands on. It is for a reason. That is the only way to learn it properly. Reading is great but definitely, take a class through SOLO, NOLS, WEMSI, or WMS.

    Also I am not sure about what changes to Wilderness CPR you are referring to. There is no Wilderness CPR. The change to CPR for adults won't happen until early 2006 when the instructors and documentation had been changed. This information about 30:2 for adults is not knew. The fact that 15:2 really seemed to be inadequate has been known for quite a while but it takes time for the powers that be to implement things and verify what "seems" to be true.

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    The AMC is having a SOLO Wilderness First Aid (recertification for WFR) January 6 through the 8th at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey. The cost is $200 and can include CPR if you want. The details are on the AMC website.

    If anyone is interested in going and maybe carpooling, I just signed up.

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    sounds like SOLO is the way to go. Thank you all for the info....very helpful!

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