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Thread: Nice or Necessary for winter hiking

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonadnockVol View Post
    I'm glad this thread was resurrected. I was interested in Tim's reference to the Blizzard Survival Bag as I was unfamiliar with this product and I usually carry a light summer down bag and bivy bag when I hike above treeline in winter (and always if I'm solo or in a small party). Has Tim or anyone else actually had to use one and what was their experience?
    I've been carrying one year-round for a couple of years, but fortunately have never needed to use it. It takes the place of the bivy and the bag. I bought the bright orange one.

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    All of my winter boots keep me warm when moving but start to fail if I stop for extended periods. For an unexpected lengthly stay or overnight, I've been recently bringing along down booties, along with the extra socks.

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    55 gallon garbage bags or barrel liners. You can use them for lots of things.

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