February 15, 2009

Avalon to intersection with A-Z -- white sidewalk, one can bareboot

A-Z to Tom Spur -- also a white sidewalk, one can bareboot

Tom Spur -- yet another white sidewalk, one can bareboot

Willey Range from Tom to Field -- LOTS of drifting, snowshoes necessary! I re-broke trail today, anywhere from two to 24 inches.

Willey Range from Field to Willey --
not so much drifting but snow is soft, snowshoes a good idea

Ethan Pond Trail down from Willey -- snowshoes a good idea until you get to the ladders....then glissading may be the only safe way to go (I took my snowshoes off for that). Some bits of ladder poking out here and there but for the most part they are buried. Lower part of trail, snowshoes suggested since I postholed twice trying to bareboot.