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Thread: When to bring snowshoes

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    When to bring snowshoes

    (topic drift from the most recent of the ever-recurring "someone got lost" threads)
    Quote Originally Posted by Imzadi
    Does this mean that if hubby and I are planning Washington/Jefferson one day and then Carter/Hight another...we should bring snowshoes regardless? We were hoping to use day packs and leave those nasty things home...
    Even before the standard for fines was relaxed to "negligent" instead of "reckless," failure to bring snowshoes was a pretty common way to get the ticket. I wouldn't necessarily agree with "reckless," but losing the trail and getting into deep drifts gets awfully miserable awfully fast, so I carry 'em most of the time if there's significant snow on the ground.

    (Washington/Jefferson as a "learning" winter hiker? That's a pretty stiff day.)

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    So what's the question?
    Is this another snowshoe vs no snowshoe thread?

    When? It all depends on conditions but I'll avoid taking them if that's the case.

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