June 5, 2009

Route follows the well established herd path to the Jay ridge, follows the ridgeline to the main summit. I wandered a bit further to the geo markers
(not as well marked).

Conditions: herd path was dry and bad blow down spots had been cleared or rerouted. Still, this is trail-less, so expect to step over logs and be alert to transitions between cairns and dirt paths. The herd path from ridge to final highpoint summit requires extra alertness. Going beyond to the geo markers is awkward. Cliffs and trees impede what should be an easy walk to the se. Instead the route heads blind to bare rock ssw and there cairns lead s,sw w s, e, ne or so. Skip the geo markers on a first visit. Only other warning to offer is that being so dry, steep sandy stretches could give sliding footing.

Special Equipment: None at all
(I neither practice nor reccomend hiking bare foot or naked, but if I did, this would be the trail)

Map and pics (middle)
Cliff Reiter