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Thread: NH/NE Trail listing in Spreadsheet format?

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    NH/NE Trail listing in Spreadsheet format?

    Hi folks,

    I am working on a database project for grad school based on the 4000 footers in NH, and likely to expand to the New England list eventually. As I know many of us keep track of everything, does anyone have a list of every trail in New Hampshire, or at least of the trails on the 4000 footers? Any list on an electronic format would be great, as I can then load that into a table and work with the data. Ideal would be a spreadsheet of course, but I'll take anything. Please PM me if you can help, and thanks!

    Rory (5/5, 48/48, 0/14)

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    Are you just looking for a list of trails? Data related to those trails? If so, what data?

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    I have in the past had hard-copy lists of all trails in the WMG, but there are no lack of choices as to whether a trail should be listed

    The WMNF trails database at one time would count mileage twice if it was part of 2 named trails

    There are some people who have allegedly hiked all WMG trails who keep their lists in spreadsheet form, don't know if they are willing to release them as it would cause endless arguments about what they missed

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Right now, I was only looking for trail names. Ideal would be info on the mountain on which the trail lies, although many trails traverse multiple peaks, or valleys . I can see adding in the statistics later on, but I suspect that would start treading on some toes in terms of where this data came from. The most complete data might come from AMC. Maybe I can eventually donate the project to them in exchange to accessing their data, who knows? This may become part of my thesis project, so it will drag out over the next 6-12 months.

    Thanks to the anonymous donor who is sending me a list I can use for starters, really happy to have some data to work with!

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