2021 Grid and Related Finishers


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Oct 4, 2006
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New Hampshire
Grid Finishers 2021
#105Pete Osler Jan 3Moosilauke
#106Elizabeth Wohler Stowe Feb 12Lincoln
#107Steve Corcoran Apr 10Jackson
#108Scott Bruns Apr 14Garfield
#109Zachary Porter Apr 18Wildcat "D"
#110 Mike Conley Apr 23Moosilauke
#111 Priscilla Floyd Apr 24Bondcliffs
#112 Danielle Durocher May 19Jefferson
#113 John Bergman May 24Liberty
#114 Alexandria Marie Herr June 2Owlshead
#114 Patricia Ellis Herr June 2Owlshead
#114 Sage Dylan Herr June 2Owlshead
#114 Rick Simmons June 2Middle Carter
#118 Mike Pillsbury Aug 1Moosilauke
#119 Tim Lucia Sept 18Moosilauke
#120 Dan Stone Oct 20Madison

"2nd" Grid. 2021

Per FrostJune 18Isolation
Jeremy ClarkAug 15Isolation
Joe Comuzzi Sept 19Cannon
Patricia J DeweyNov 7Washington
Bill Cronin Nov 20Pierce

"8th" Grid. 2021

Ed Hawkins May 18North Twin

"Complete Grid". "Start to Finish After Age 60". 2021

John Pike Sept 11Passaconaway

"4th Complete Grid" "Start to Finish After Age 60" 2021

Ed Hawkins May 20Owlshead

"Second Complete Grid" "Start to Finish after Age 65" 2021

Ed Hawkins June 23West Bond
Georg Feichtinger July 24Tecumseh

"Second Complete Grid" "Start to Finish After Age 70" 2021

Georg Feichtinger July 24Tecumseh

"Complete Grid" Start to Finish After Age 75" 2021

Georg Feichtinger July 24Tecumseh

"Trails" Finishers 2021.
All 30th edition of AMC White Mountain Trail Guide.
#66Brian Schoen Jan 1Mt Potash Trail
#67Alton Eckel Feb 26Castle View Loop
#68Delores Maienza July 6Roaring River Trail
#69Christopher Cameron July 11Square Ledge Trail ( Pinkham )
#70Name Withheld July 23Davis Path
#71Rob Gilgen Sept 1Sphinx Trail
#71Laureen Gilgen Sept 1Sphinx Trail
#73Mitchel Segalini Sept 26Speck Pond Trail
#74Alysia Lehneman Oct 23North Cube Side Trail
#75Per Frost Nov 28Rail & River Trail

"2nd Round Trails" 2021.

Philip WernerJune 25Emerald Trail.
Philip Carcia Oct 8Gordon Pond Trail
Philip completed his "Trails" Journey in Record "Best Known" Time

"Trails" Finishers.
AMC Southern NH Trail Guide. 4th Edition. 2021


Every Calendar Day Finishers 2021

#27 Donna Dearborn Apr 28Mt Flume
#28 John McHugh May 4Mt Tecumseh

Fire Tower List Finishers 2021

Chris Morris Sept 22Bear Island
Name Withheld Nov 7Grandview Mt., East Peak

NH 200 Highest Peaks 2021

Denise Carignan Aug 15Crystal Mt., North Peak
Trevor HockyPuck PopeSept 25West Baldface

NH 200 Highest Peaks "Winter" 2021


NH 300 Highest Peaks 2021

Denise Carignan Aug 27Halfmoon Mt.

NH 300 Highest Peaks "Winter" 2021


NH 2000 Footers 2021

Name Withheld Nov 6Piper Hill

NH 2000 Footers "Winter" 2021

Bryan Cuddihee Jan 23Round Mt ( Milan )
Zachary Porter Jan 23Round Mt ( Milan )

NH 500 Highest Peaks 2021

Denise Carignan Sept 1Garnet Hill
Name Withheld Nov 11Snow Mt, North Peak

NH 500 Highest Peaks "Winter" 2021

Brylan Cuddihee Jan 23Round Mt ( Milan )
Zachary Porter Jan 23Round Mt ( Milan )

"NH 48" "After the Age of 70" 2021

Rudy Bourget Oct 15North Twin
Dorothy Corey June 24Madison
Bill Cronin May 21Hale
Fuzz Freeze Jan 5Moriah
Tom Harris Nov 4Jefferson
Ken Harvey Oct 17Washington
Bob Humphrey Nov 11Wildcat "D"
Richard Nagri Aug 15Bondcliffs
Bob Schilling Aug 20Lafayette
Frances Strayer Feb 21Madison
Don Walters May 29Isolation
Shipp Webb Oct 3Tecumseh
Steve Zimmer Sept 14Madison

"NH 48" After the Age of 70" "Winter Season" 2021

Rick Barrie Mar 9Carrigain
Charlie Foote Mar 10Washington
Fuzz Freeze Mar 19Cabot

"NH 48" "After the Age of 75" 2021

Al Aldrich Oct 12Eisenhower
Mike Gfroerer Aug 31Isolation
Ed Hawkins Oct 6Adams
Pam Johnston July 7Moosilauke
Tim Kennedy July 23Hale

"NH 48" "After the Age of 75" "Winter Season" 2021


"NH 48" After the Age of 80" 2021

Van Adriance Aug 18Mt Tom
Gerrard Coutu Aug 15Washington
Georg Feichtinger June 23Middle Tripyramid
Chuck Hutchins July 11Madison
Stephen Maddock ( In Memory )Aug 14, 2014Jefferson

To All. Our best thoughts for a great New Year and many new and
rewarding adventures.

Take Care


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Thanks :)


Congrats Tim, I see Sage and family completed also. Mom posted here before and passed them once on the Willey Range. Am I reading Donna's fear correctly that see finished the calendar challenge on Colden and Flume? Did she do the 12 RT on 4,714 Mt. Colden in the ADK and then do 4,328 Flume on F-Ridge the same day?
FYI - I made four updates that came from Ed himself -

Donna Dearborn - Every Day finish confirmed to be Flume
Jeremy Clark and Per Frost both finished a second Grid
Philip Werner finished a second Trails.

I'm not a list guy, but I like reading the names of these people, because they love mountains. Nobody would accomplish these goals that did not. Hey Tim, nice job.

Here's the group shot from my grid finish in September. Includes a few faces from VFTT. Thanks to Kevin Talbot for taking the picture.



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