Bondcliff/Bond/West Bond

Date of Hike: 6-19-10

Trail Conditions: In general, conditions were about as good as they get. Quite a few blowdowns/step-overs on the Wilderness Trail, but nothing to really slow you down. Few patches of mud on the Bondcliff Trail that are easily bypassed. Trails mostly very dry….made for fast hiking.

Special Equipment Required: Plenty of H2O, sunblock along with clothing to protect against the UV rays, and poles to stay on an even keel.

Comments: Everyone was either away or convalescing, so I did this one solo. Beautiful day…..very dry and warm. Very hazy up on the summits. Met up with quite a few folks doing the Pemi Loop. Bugs were the only bummer on this hike….they didn’t leave me alone until I hit the summit of Bondcliff. Left Lincoln Woods @ 10:15AM and got back to the car @ 6:55PM.

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