Trail Conditions: Imp Trail in good shape. Started with some mud on the North Carter Trail. Lots of wet spots and large muddy areas across the Carter Moriah Trail, lessening as we got down to Zeta Pass. The Carter Dome Trail had some water but generally was in good shape. Coming down from Zeta Pass to 19 mile Brook there are many blowdowns, some large and some small. Our sawyer and swamper took care of about a dozen before the saw broke!

Special Equipment: Well, a second saw would have been helpful! (just kidding guys!)

Comments: Started out very hot and humid. Occasional nice breeze as we neared and crossed the ridge. Once on Carter Dome the wind changed and it was a whole lot better. Most of the day the Pressies were under grey cloud but by mid afternoon they were visible. We had the best ridge! A long but very good day out with Tim&Val, Silverfox and Cymbidium.