Started from RT 4 at 11am Sunday, thanks to a hitch from the awesome "Sue" from the Stratton Motel - definitely look her up if you need a place to stay or a trailhead shuttle, she thru'ed in 04' and is super cool!

It was windy and cold, lots of rime ice on the summit and totally socked in. After The Horn summit, I stopped and thought twice about what appeared to be a very icy and steep descent. It was over quickly however and the trail was in decent, but wet condition.

Orbeton Stream was definitely a ford and I bivied for a few hours at the base of Lone Mountain. Up early and over Lone Mtn, saw a momma & baby moose - trail was GREAT from here on out - relatively dry and smooth. Board was still there over the Carrabasset river, made the car by 11am. 32.2 miles in exactly 24 hours.

I love my state!