Date of Hike: Saturday, July 16th

Mountains: Santanoni, Couchsachraga, Panther

Trails: Bradley Pond Trail, New/Old (Santanoni Express), Herd Path between Santa-Couch-Panther, Panther Brook Herd Path

Trail Conditions: All trails easy to follw. New/Old Trail is about 3.4 miles in and is marked with a cairn, well defined herd path goes around beaver pond, steep rock ledge has a rope to assist you up or you can go around, the path is easy to follow and becomes narrow up top as you gain the ridge. Herd paths between Santa and Times Square is easy to follow and in good shape. Herd path over to Couchsachraga is easy to follow, watch your step through the mud bog, a mistep and you're sinking in pretty good! Panther Peak from Herald Square is an easy short out and back. Panther Brook herd path back to Bradley Pond Trail is in decent shape, easy to follow, and the beaver pond at the bottom is easy to go around. Bradley Pond Trail is muddy between Panther Brook Cairn and New/Old Trail Cairn. The rest of the trail is in good shape with a couple of minor blowdowns.

Comments: Great hike, with some great views, beaver ponds at beginning of herd paths should be no issue with heat and dry weather hopefully for the rest of the summer. pics and report here

Name: Chris