We opted to do the loop in the counter clockwise direction today since we had done it the other way last time.

The trails are in good condition. There is only one blowdown, a duck under on the Falling Waters trail.

The streams were running high today but branches and logs have been placed at key places on the crossings making it possible to cross with dry feet. It does help to have a pole or poles when making these crossings.

Photographers alert: The falls are magnificent right now.

It was a pristine day. The views above the treeline were fantastic. There was a light cool breeze. There was a small amount of traffic up on the ridge. We met some folks who had been up on Owl's Head last week when we were up there.

We were met by some folks with what is now a familiar question: Are you Tom and Atticus? I had to disappoint them by telling them we weren't. Then they said: "Well then you must be Ed 'n Lauky." I guess we're making some progress.

This hike on a beautiful day like today has to be one of the most beautiful in the White Mountains perhaps one of the most beautiful stretches on the AT trail.

Milage: 8.8
Elevation gain: about 4000'