February 21st

Trail Conditions: 3-6" of fresh snow on a firm base. A few blow downs, only one required a trip into the woods

Special Equipment Required: Skis or snowshoes, some traction for a few windblown/icy areas on the summit would be nice.

Comments: - Hey! I'm just a moose who hangs out on Moosilauke. It was a very windy afternoon so I just walked the Glencliff Trail & Carriage Roads today but I saw a guy on Tele Skis and he was headed for the summit. The Ridge was deceptively calm but I'm sure it was howling above treeline (I can just tell) and he probably didn't make it, but maybe he got close. As I said he had skis but I just used my long legs. Sorry about the "post holes" (now you know its not always careless hikers). So anyways its really great winter conditions up on old Moose-hillock these days. I caught glimpse of Tele-Guy making some sweet turns through the switchbacks on his way back to Breezy Point. By the way the e-mail below isn't mine, I borrowed the skiers so I could post here. I hope to get my own soon, he took some pictures of me I'd like to get so I can share with the Fishers who live over in Tunnel Brook.

Name: MM

E-mail address: celtshoe@myfairpoint.net