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Thread: Trail Magic on Bear Mountain (Conn.) - Bastille Day 2013

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    Trail Magic on Bear Mountain (Conn.) - Bastille Day 2013

    For the third year in a row Connecticut Valley Atheists sponsored trail magic on the summit of Bear Mountain, the Appalachian Trail's highest point in Connecticut. Richard and I brought up a cooler full of lemonade, peaches, plums, cherries, tomatoes, along with some French crullers, in honor of Bastille Day.

    We spend three and a half hours hanging around the summit handing out magic. We had three through hikers, all NOBO, Lush, Steady State, and Shane. We also had three hikers doing long sections, and an ATC ridge runner who'd through hiked last year. Besides that there were a lot of day hikers, including a large contingent of cub scouts from Seymour.

    There was no rain, but the day was hot and humid. But we had lemonade.

    The nature of our group sparked some discussion and jokes, as usual. The best line came from a day hiker who asked us if we'd needed to get permission from the Housatonic Valley Atheists.

    Here are the pictures.



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    Good job, Cumulus. Sunday was a great day for trail magic - pretty much a necessity in that heatmidity. I was on flatter trail - the first two miles of NY south of Hoyt Road. Met up with some thru friends, hiked back to my car at the border, and shuttled them to Kent, where they spent the night after we enjoyed town.

    I swear, the two flattish miles in the mid-day 90+ and 80% humidity were as hard as a hike up Bear, harder than an average fall day. Glad you were there to ease the day for some fellow hikers. I extended some similar hospitality as well. Nice to be able to do.
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    Ha, ya missed my daughter by a week... : )
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