_ Regarding the Nancy Pond Trail, I only hiked to the other side of the crossing of Nancy Brook at 1.6 miles from trailhead. That segment of trail was in great shape. However, Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 did some damage to the Nancy Brook crossing mentioned above. And actually, an AMC crew was doing some work on this damaged section on the day of my hike.

_ Regarding the old fire warden's trail to the former Mt. Bemis fire tower, this trail is abandoned. There is a Forest Service sign posted near the beginning of the trail which indicates you are welcome to use the land, but maintenance of the trail is prohibited and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment!

Over the years, I've hiked this abandoned trail many times. Each time I've done this trek, the trail has pretty much been in the same condition. There have always been downed trees to step over, and crawl under. And, the old trail has generally been easy to follow, despite a few short segments where the trail is so overgrown that it's difficult to locate the pathway since you can barely even see your own feet!

Although it's only been a year since I've hiked this trail, things were different this time. Mother Nature has been unkind to this corridor. There are many new places along the trail where huge trees have recently been toppled. You need to employ your skills as a gymnast and contortionist in order to navigate over, under and around some of these newly downed trees.

Because of the obscure segments of trail, it's probably best if you don't attempt this hike if you're unaccustomed to this type of hiking. But, if you do attempt it, then you should consider wearing long pants because you're going to get scratched up!

Photos from this trek are at my BLOG.