Parking at Sabbaday Brook Trail had one car at start. Full when done. Sabbaday Brook is rougher post hurricanes but still a nice woods walk. Crossings were all rock hops. Some step overs. Trail would be easy to lose in places where it was washed out. Treadway is covered in leaves right now. Took a bad line into Fool Killer which was steep and scrappy. Went over the ridge after tagging and followed a great route out which put us back onto Sabbaday Brook just below the steeps. Steeps are slick in spots and have some bypasses. Met our son who had split at FK and had gone to North Tri at the junction. Headed to Middle and South. Down the slide to Kate Sleeper Trail. First time on it. Very nice trail and woods. Quick jog off to get West then on to the FINALE. Met Beth and Steve at junction and went and got number 100 with East Sleeper. Headed out through blowdown field! Both the field and all those that cleared it are incredible. Downes Brook was similar to Sabbaday in many spots. Lots of step overs.
All the water crossings were rock hops. Never got my low hikers wet.
Great day out .