Route: Priscilla Brook Trail (abandoned). Bushwhack.

Date: Tuesday, 2/04/14

Equipment: Snowshoes (car to car). Sunglasses.

Conditions: 3-10” powder in beautiful open woods.

Comments: This was a nice route up Waumbek. First thing I had to do was shovel out a spot for my car at the old Priscilla Brook Trailhead before I could begin making my way up the abandoned trail. My last time in this area was in the early 90s, when I was working on the NH 100 Highest and did Mt. Pliny with my buddy Creston.

This time I followed the PBT for less than a mile before bushwhacking west to hit an old logging road which runs generally north-south and which brings one up to the ridge running south from Mt. Waumbek. The woods were mostly open hardwoods, and there were many, many critter tracks. The snowshoeing was perfect! I kept waiting for it to get thick and nasty. Finally it did get a bit thick, but this lasted a whopping 2 minutes. Shortly thereafter, I found myself on the heavily trodden Starr King Trail about 100 feet west of the summit of Waumbek.

I followed some moose tracks - but no humans - a little farther east of the summit so as to catch the views of the Presidentials this fine day while enjoying some goodies. What a gorgeous day!

I contemplated continuing on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail for a bit, then dropping down to get Pliny. Then I came to my senses. With no aspirations of the NH 100 Highest in Winter list and because the route up was so enjoyable, I followed my footprints back out.

2 ½ hours up, 1 ½ back, maybe 6’ish miles? I will do this one again...