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Thread: Flat Mtn Pond via Flat Mtn Pond Trail 3/2/14

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    Flat Mtn Pond via Flat Mtn Pond Trail 3/2/14

    Bennett Street
    Flat Mtn Pond Trail

    Bennett Street: From the plowed out area to the kiosk was flat and packed with crusty snow on the sides.
    Flat Mtn Pond Trail: Trail had been snowmobiled from the kiosk all the way to the shelter (where they have to turn around, and in fact did). The trail was solid and fast, with crusty snow on the side. From the shelter we opted to cross the pond to soak in the views and take a more direct line. My much lighter counterpart had a significantly easier time floating over the ice, whereas I was busting through on a maddeningly random basis. Took us a few minutes to find the trail by the 'dam' (we didn't see one). We just followed the drainage basin (past the gigantic boulder) and easily found the trail again. From here it was crusty frozen snowshoe tracks all the way until the snowmobile trail. We busted it up pretty well, so it probably wouldn't be a bad snowshoe right now. All crossings very solidly frozen. The PUDs at the bottom of the north end were no fun.

    Special Equipment:
    Up to the shelter from the south is easily bare-booted, or less easily skied. Snowshoes would be needed north of the shelter as there isn't a consistent packed base. We had to take the skis off a few times and made a few post holes when slipping out of the snowshoe track.

    Four of us started shortly before 10am. Two of us finished shortly before 6pm. The other two were lost to a tailbone injury and a busted pole. The plan was 4 hours up to the shelter and 2 hours down. The result was 3.5 hours up to the shelter and almost 5 hours down. The shorter route was not the faster route as it turned out, and we should have turned around once we were on the pond, but somehow we convinced ourselves that that would have been more work. I believe I am now keenly aware of my lower limit of XC skiing conditions.

    Edit: It is worth noting that 113 is in very rough shape. Allow for extra drive time if you aren't 'a truck guy'.
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