Plenty of parking in lot and along Tripoli Rd.
Mt. Osceola trail shows wear from past hurricanes especially in the lower half. Trail got better up higher. Trail over to East Osceola was in good shape. Wasn't looking for it but we found the geocache near East.
Spent some time on East talking with a nice young lady who is a grad student from BU, out for a trail run/hike. First time for us doing the "chimney", as we always have been on this part of the trail in the winter and take the bypass.
Followed posts from others on this site to do the bush whack over to West Peak. Herd path is obvious and follows the old phone line. At the big boulder/erratic go RIGHT. We went left on the way out to West and it was fairly scrappy. After that section we were able to pick up the herd paths and stay mostly on the ridge over middle peak then down to the col and again up West. Coming back we went the right way around the rock and it was easy. See other posts on here for more details.
The canister which was on West is not there now. The mounting bracket is still on the tree but the canister is gone.
Saw a number of dogs today as well as people (except on West Peak).
Beautiful conditions for a hike anywhere.

Ken and Karen
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