On 31 August 2008 I completed the New Hampshire 4000 Footer list on Moosilauke. This past Sunday I returned for the first time.

This time I went up Ridge Trail. (It's called Asquam Ridge Trail on the AMC map, but Ridge Trail on the trail signs.) This turned out to be a real nice trail, with a lot of mossy ground below coniferous forests (I think hemlocks lower down and fir higher up). It's a very gentle trail, too, never really steep, even when it goes over Mt. Jim. After a while it ends at Beaver Brook Trail, which is part of the AT. I then took that southwest towards Moosilauke. This has some parts which probably have good views if you're not in a cloud. However, I was. BBT goes near but not over the summit of Mt. Blue. There's an obvious herd path there, though, although I didn't take it.

It was a bit chilly on Sunday, and there was ice on branches from the previous night's rain, which obviously was freezing rain there. There was also some rime. It had warmed enough by that time, though, that pieces of ice were raining down from the trees.

Along Beaver Brook I came across a male spruce grouse right on the trail.

After a while Beaver Brook crosses the tree line, and I was in a world of fog, rocks, and alpine plants. There were a lot of people on the summit. No views, though. It kept getting a little lighter and threatening to open up, but never did.

I proceeded southbound on the AT, on Glencliff Trail now, and when I was in the trees between the main peak and the south peak the sun came out. When I got to the south peak spur I took it. On South Moosilauke it had cleared up and I had views all around. To the north was the main Moosilauke peak, which was now in the clear. To the northeast to the east were the Whites, with some peaks in the clouds and some out of them. To the south was some clear valleys. To the west was an undercast.

I went down by the Carriage Trail and Snapper Trail. These were pretty steep; I probably should have done the loop in the reverse order.

When I did Moosilauke in 2008 I said I'd be back, and I guess I was right. Maybe I shouldn't wait another six years before I go back again.

Here are the pictures.



NE111: 115/115 (67/67, 46/46, 2/2); Cat35: 32/39; WNH4K: 32/48; NEFF: 40/50
LT NB 2009

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