Trail Conditions: First .5 miles of Lonesome Lake trail was 2" of snow +/- on wet leaves, no traction needed. Snow cover gradually increased on the way up with some limited icy sections. We "broke trail" on the dodge cutoff (3-4" of powder on top of a not-quite-frozen-yet mud foot bed). The snow obscured enough of the footing around the stream crossing to make it tricky. Upper sections of trail were very snowy but not yet terribly icy. We descended via Kinsman Ridge to the upper section of the Lonesome Lake trail and then around the lake and down. Footing down steep sections of ridge trail was somewhat icy but I think some people were descending without traction OK.

Special Equipment Required: New katoola microspikes were very useful for more than half of the trip. Several people out on the trails had no traction but that seemed much more dicey than having traction on.

Comments: Optional - We saw more pairs of jeans and cotton sweatshirts than I had expected to see. Thankfully the winds were much milder than anticipated. Overall a totally beautiful hike and pretty easy.

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