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Thread: Mt. Flume from Lincoln Woods

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    Mt. Flume from Lincoln Woods

    I spent the first three days of 2015 bagging peaks for the Winter NH4K list. This report is for Flume, from Lincoln Woods, on New Year's Day.

    Right after ringing in the new year in Connecticut I finished packing and drove north, eating breakfast in my car at Lincoln Woods. I hit the trail at about 6:30 by headlamp, although the sky was already starting to lighten.

    I started barebooting, quickly put on microspikes, and was on spikes the rest of the hike. The trail surface (mostly Osseo Trail) was hard packed snow, except for a few bare spots down low. It was perfect for microspikes; I postholed exactly twice the whole hike, when I stepped too far to the side.

    Not long after I started the first sun of 2015 appeared. It was clear at first, and near the end, but there were flurries for a while, and when I was at the summit it was partly cloudy. I could see Liberty, Loon Ski Area, and the highway from the summit, but not Owlshead or the Bonds. The summit area, though, was beautiful, with a thin layer of rime on the rocks.

    It was pretty cold high up, especially when the wind decided to act up, but not what I'd call bitter. It wasn't hard to manage so long as I didn't expose my fingers too long taking pictures.

    Soon after I started down I met a group of seven going up. They would catch me on their return and we leapfrogged the rest of the way. When I got close to Lincoln Woods Trail I started meeting a lot of hikers apparently out for a quick stroll. When I got back I drove to the White Mountain Hostel in Conway where I would spend three nights.

    Here are the pictures.

    Flume was 33 out of 48 for me in the Winter NH4K list.



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    Good luck on your winter peak list Cumulus!

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