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Thread: Common NH feature/peak names - ?

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    Common NH feature/peak names - ?

    Hi! I know asked this before (years ago!!!) and someone had a script that listed the count of the top USGS (I think???) feature names with a count and the locations. Would anybody be able to drum that up again???? I cannot find the listing anywhere!!!!

    Such as, Owl's Head, Black Mtn, Sugarloaf, Prospect, etc.,

    Yay for winter!!!!!

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    Here's a list of summits with 4 or more occurrences of the same name from the most current GNIS dataset for NH. Is that what you're looking for?
    Mud Pond is the most common feature name in NH with 28. Beaver Brook and Black Brook tie at 16 for most common stream name.

    Summit Count Quads
    Pine Hill 15 Center Harbor, Concord, Danbury, Exeter, Franklin, Grafton, Grantham, Haverhill, Haverhill, Holderness, Littleton, North Conway East, Silver Lake, South Merrimack, Sugar Hill, Wolfeboro
    Oak Hill 14 Brattleboro, Great East Lake, Hanover, Holderness, Marlborough, Milan, Northwood, Penacook, Peterborough South, Silver Lake, Springfield, Tuftonboro, Warren, Washington, Weare
    Bald Hill 11 East Lempster, Epping, Franklin, Gilsum, Hanover, Manchester North, Marlborough, Mount Kineo, Silver Lake, Spofford, Spofford
    Beech Hill 11 Andover, Dover West, Dublin, Groveton, Holderness, Hopkinton, Keene, Mount Moosilauke, New Boston, Newmarket, Plymouth, Twin Mountain, Warren
    Bald Mountain 10 Claremont North, Franconia, Grantham, Mount Chocorua, Percy Peaks, Plymouth, Stoddard, Success Pond, Tamworth, Waterville Valley
    Prospect Hill 9 Alstead, Enfield, Melvin Village, New Boston, North Grantham, North Hartland, Prospect Hill, Sunapee Lake North, Wentworth
    Peaked Hill 8 Ashland, Barrington, Belmont, Hillsboro Upper Village, Mount Kineo, North Conway East, Squam Mountains, Woodstock
    Sugar Hill 8 Bristol, Diamond Pond, Hinsdale, Hopkinton, Mount Carrigain, North Hartland, Smarts Mountain, Sugar Hill, Sugar Hill, Teakettle Ridge
    Hedgehog Hill 7 Bethlehem, Bradford, Claremont South, Diamond Pond, Hillsboro, Marlow, Silver Lake, Stoddard
    Page Hill 7 Ashburnham, Bellows Falls, Danbury, Groveton, Marlborough, Newport, Ossipee Lake
    Rattlesnake Hill 7 Concord, Derry, Hopkinton, Hopkinton, Manchester North, Mount Pawtuckaway, Springfield
    The Pinnacle 7 Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Grantham, Greenfield, Manchester North, Marlborough, Mount Cardigan, Troy
    Birch Hill 6 Bartlett, Bradford, Conway, Milford, North Conway West, Silver Lake
    Black Mountain 6 East Haverhill, Errol, Jackson, Mount Osceola, Warner, Waterville Valley, Wilsons Mills
    Davis Hill 6 Alstead, Ashby, Conway, Great East Lake, Hinsdale, Sunapee Lake North
    Great Hill 6 Exeter, Goffstown, Kingston, Mount Chocorua, Newmarket, Sandown
    Long Hill 6 Dover West, Dover West, Mount Pawtuckaway, Nashua South, Newmarket, Newmarket
    Meetinghouse Hill 6 Bradford, Exeter, Gossville, Hillsboro, Hinsdale, New Boston
    North Peak 6 Enfield, Franconia, Mount Osceola, Mount Tripyramid, Sunapee Lake South, West Milan
    Bear Hill 5 Candia, Henniker, Loudon, Smarts Mountain, Sunapee Lake South
    Brown Hill 5 Goffstown, Northfield, Portsmouth, Sunapee Lake North, Tamworth
    Green Mountain 5 Claremont North, Freedom, Lisbon, Mount Kineo, Waterville Valley
    Hoyt Hill 5 Mount Cardigan, Newfound Lake, Portsmouth, Sandown, Sunapee Lake North
    Hubbard Hill 5 Derry, Hinsdale, Marlow, Marlow, Springfield
    Kimball Hill 5 Bradford, Hillsboro Upper Village, Mount Cardigan, Mount Cardigan, Nashua North
    Mount Misery 5 Barrington, Deering, Derry, Hillsboro Upper Village, Littleton
    Prospect Mountain 5 Alton, Freedom, Lake Francis, Lancaster, Rump Mountain
    Rattlesnake Mountain 5 Alton, North Conway East, Ossipee Lake, Rumney, West Swanzey
    Smith Hill 5 Claremont North, Franklin, Gilsum, Gilsum, North Hartland
    South Peak 5 Enfield, Lincoln, Mount Moosilauke, Mount Tripyramid, Sunapee Lake South
    Bible Hill 4 Bradford, Claremont South, Deering, Hillsboro
    Green Hill 4 Bradford, Dover West, Jackson, Weare
    Hayes Hill 4 Baxter Lake, Dover West, Enfield, Wolfeboro
    Haystack Mountain 4 Bosebuck Mountain, Jefferson, South Twin Mountain, Washington
    Horse Hill 4 Exeter, Marlborough, South Merrimack, Webster
    Howe Hill 4 East Haverhill, East Haverhill, North Hartland, Sandown, Sunapee Lake North
    Jones Hill 4 Enfield Center, Epping, New London, Washington, Washington
    Mount Pleasant 4 Dover East, Grafton, Lancaster, Tinkerville, Tuftonboro
    Mount Tug 4 Enfield, Mount Cardigan, Newport, Northfield
    Parker Hill 4 Lower Waterford, Lower Waterford, Marlborough, Marlow, Milford
    Stevens Hill 4 Dover West, Lovering Mountain, North Hartland, Northwood
    Sunset Hill 4 Center Harbor, Marlborough, Plymouth, Sunapee Lake South
    Thompson Hill 4 Hillsboro Upper Village, Mount Cardigan, Sunapee Lake South, Tuftonboro
    Walnut Hill 4 Candia, Pinardville, Pinardville, Sandown
    Wilson Hill 4 Deering, Greenville, New Boston, Sandown

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    perfect!!!!! Thanks!!!!
    Yay for winter!!!!!

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    Actually, something seems amiss to me... I can think of at least 4 Sugarloafs: Nash Stream, Twin Mtn, Benton, and Bristol/Alexandria/Hebron (locations might be a little off, but, they are close), and, at least 4 Owl's Heads: pemi area, Hebron, Benton, Twin Mtn... wondering if the different spellings (with and without breaks in the words) are affecting the count?
    Yay for winter!!!!!

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    I grouped them by exact match, so for summits containing "sugar" and "loaf", you have:
    Sugarloaf [Percy Peaks]
    Sugarloaf [Silver Lake]
    Sugarloaf [Newfound Lake]
    Sugarloaf Mountain [East Haverhill]
    Little Sugarloaf [Newfound Lake]
    Middle Sugarloaf [Twin Mountain]
    North Sugarloaf [Twin Mountain]
    South Sugarloaf [South Twin Mountain]

    I also only looked at features classified as summits, not ridges and capes. If you include all of those with both "owl" and "head", you have:
    Owlhead Mountain [Dixville Notch]
    Owls Head [South Twin Mountain]
    Owls Head [East Haverhill] (classified as a ridge)
    Owls Head [Holderness] (classified as a cape)
    Owlshead [Mount Dartmouth]

    If you like, I could rerun the script and exclude modifiers like N,S,E,W, Little, Mountain, and Hill. Let me know.

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