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Thread: Eisenhower and Isolation, South Down the Ridge

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    Eisenhower and Isolation, South Down the Ridge

    Date of hike: 8/16-8/17
    Trails used: Edmands Path, Mt. Eisenhower Trail, Isolation Trail West, Davis Path.
    Trail Conditions: Edmands Path-fine. Mt Eisenhower Trail-needs some brushing in the top mile, there are a few blowdowns, but is otherwise dry and in good shape. Isolation West-the upper portion is dry and in great shape. The lower portion near the brook is still damaged from Irene but open, it crosses a number of slides and there are some blowdowns. Easy enough to follow if you pay attention. Isolation Brook is running strong from all the rain we've had. Davis Path- wet, all springs are currently running (or seeping). The brook halfway between Mt. Davis and Stairs is running very well. You do not have to worry about finding water right now, but you'll want a filter to make it look more appetizing, or at least a cup for scooping. South of the Giant Stairs, the path becomes much drier. The Dry River-thigh deep ford on Sunday. I had no worry about safety, just didn't want to risk falling off a rock and getting completely soaked trying to jump as many rocks were underwater.

    Equipment needed: water filter for Davis Path instead of purification tablets.

    Comments: my friend Frank and I finished our section hike of the Cohos Trail, I think this is the fourth year. Spent the night at the campsite below the junction of Davis Path and Isolation East, even the stagnant spring there had water in it. Saw a moose below Isolation. Saw one person on Monday, camping at Giant Stairs. Bunches of people on Eisenhower Sunday, also saw two runners on the Mt. Eisenhower Trail, dressed in very little due to the heat, who were probably pretty scratched up when they got up to treeline! Ouch!
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