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Thread: Owl's Head Bushwhack 1/28 - Spire, Ears, The Owl's Head

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    Owl's Head Bushwhack 1/28 - Spire, Ears, The Owl's Head

    A few weeks back I hiked Owl's Head via the sharp peak on the south side of the ridge. I've heard it called The Spire, The Owl's Head, and The Ears. The snow was piled up quite high at the top, so I caught views to the South, East, and West.


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    Very nice as always. Doing Owl's head this way puts to bed any doubts wether you hit the high point or not. We did a full traverse back in the early 80's as GPS and Satellite measurement had not arrived yet and there was speculation of exactly where the high point was then. Definitely some nice woods in a lot of places. Again well done!
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    Great as usual, it sure looks like the ridge has grown out a bit since my last winter visit 20 years ago.

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    very nice report!!! Owl's head is a neat place - virtually infinite nooks and crannies to explore there!
    Yay for winter!!!!!

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