On Friday 11/10/17 I lost my prescription glasses out of the top of my pack crawling under any of the 100s of blowdowns on the upper 0.5 miles of the Carter Dome Tr or between Zeta Pass and the summit of South Carter. Black soft plastic glasses case, federal blue plastic frames, nike swoosh stripe on the temple. Please contact Pete @ 802 324 4199, osler@alum.mit.edu if you've seen these. (I traversed frm Goreham to Zeta pass that day, so they could actually be anywhere from Stony Brook Tr to 19 Mile Brook TH, but the blowdown heart of darkness was only from SCarter summit to 0.5 miles below Zeta Pass.) I'm hoping that someone up there Sat or Sun would have found them and brought them down to 19 mile brook trail head, so if you've seen them there, let me know!