Butler Lodge Sunday, Nov 11th

Stevensville Parking Area – Nebraska Notch Trail to Long Trail North to Butler Lodge and down Butler Lodge Trail

With the snow this morning all conditions will have changed. But on Sunday there was only a dusting of snow in shaded areas of the Stevensville Parking area. Nebraska Notch and the lower portion of Butler Lodge Trails were covered with a couple-three inches of semi-frozen slush. Needed to be weary of not breaking through the slush and finding a layer of mud.

On the Long Trail, 6 to 8 inches of snow. The ground was not frozen in the wet areas. No traffic. Crossed my mind that I may have been under prepared by not having snowshoes. With today’s forecast for another 4 to 8-inches of snow. I would recommend snowshoes on the lesser traveled trails now.

The combination of snow, mud and wet conditions met the pup had lots of frozen snow/mud balls between his pads and along his belly. The pup must have also seen something in the partial snow-covered boulder on the Long Trail that scared him. I could not call him by or pull him pass the rock. I had to pick him up and carry him past. It is interesting trying to carrying a growling, barking, and shaking pup. A few steps beyond the rock and he was fine again.