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Thread: A Wonderful Rescue Story from Hawaii

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    She's another silly touron who couldn't read warning signs and caused a lot of people much grief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJsName View Post
    their mistakes should be forgivable I think, especially given the price some of them paid... [Ralston] claims he got his will to live from a hallucination of himself playing with his future child
    Agree, their mistakes are forgivable. I don't scorn them. But they also should not be lionized, and get famous and rich for making a dumb mistake. That only encourages more of the same.

    Eller was local (not a tourist), and should have been smart enough to at least take her phone. Heck, taking the phone (and not much else) is considered "entry level dumb" in most areas.

    Ralston made one really dumb mistake. He chose to not tell anyone where he was going. (Also, he borrowed the "hallucination of playing with the future child" story directly from the Lord of the Rings movie, which had just been released the year before...)

    So yes, sympathy for having undergone a tough experience. But that's it.

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    I go for walks in the woods all the time and have all my life. I don't plan on carrying my full safety gear all the time. While I often will have my phone with me, not always and coverage where I live is spotty anyway.

    Her story isn't a "hiking survival story" it's a "survival story" and should be treated as such. We can't try to pigeon hole her experiences into what many of us do every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshandBaron View Post
    Crazy lady wanders into the woods following voices with nothing but the clothes on her back. Heartwarming.
    When I started this thread I was more intrigued with the community response to the rescue than with the specific circumstances of the victim.

    To me the story was a refreshing change from our pat White Mountain (and VFTT) rescue response that follows a predictable pattern of:


    The fact that her community on Maui did not give up hope was uplifting to me. Their success in finding her alive even better.

    Still the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post

    The fact that her community on Maui did not give up hope was uplifting to me. Their success in finding her alive even better.

    Still the case.
    My response as well. Also love the idea that the software/code they developed might help future searches. Pretty cool stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCaper View Post
    Your lack of emoji usage here leaves me in the uncomfortable position of wondering if you know that's not real...
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