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  • I'm trying a new greenie

    Thanks for the "greenie". Bernie is sooo photogenic and seems to love to have his picture taken.
    thank you very much for the greenie, terra say's "woof!".
    hope to meet you on the trails some day!
    Thank you for the green spot -- much appreciated! A while ago it occurred to me that our dogs experience these hikes rather differently than we do. They love mud, for example (well, mine does), and they worry about water. Noisy rivers can be scary. Wind is no problem. Ditto rain. But some rockfaces are too steep even for four paws. I wouldn't want anyone's dog to have a difficult hike, so I've begun including dog info on my TRs and trail conndition briefs.

    Hope to meet you on the trail someday soon.

    Very best,
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