Owl's Head via Black Pond Bushwhack and Brutus Bushwhack.

Trails had a light dusting lower and more as you went up. They were hard mud but when you thought you were safe to step you sunk in some pretty deep. Worse in the afternoon. We wore gaiters which really helped with the mud issues. Also wore microspikes to do the watercrossings and kept them on as we climbed the Brutus Bushwhack.

I used my compass with a 340 bearing for Black Pond Bushwhack although after the beginning area, you can see a heard path if you are paying attention. The leaves make it more challenging. I also had downloaded the track on Gaia. I used Gaia to do the Brutus Bushwhack having only done it once in winter. You could see tracks but a couple of areas it was questionable. This is a steep steep up and down.

Water crossings were doable if you wore your spikes. Saw a couple people fall in ...one just her feet got wet, the other went all the way in. We took our time and used trekking poles also.