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Thread: Hike into Unknown Pond

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    I was up there a few weeks ago, and the tentsite at Roger's Ledge had tape up and a note that it was closed, however the privy was open and it looked like someone had camped there recently. Doubt there is any enforcement. Unfortunately, as Peakbagger said, ticks are a problem in this area, and I would use precautions. I live on the Milan side of the Kilkenny Ridge and a neighbor was just diagnosed with Lyme. Until now, I would not have believed that it was here, but now I would not discount it.

    The Horn and Roger's Ledge are not to be missed if you are using Unknown Pond as a base.

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    Thanks. Our dog is on Bravecto which is a great flee and tick killer, but will keep my eyes open for her and my own protection. Will definitely be checking out the Horn and Ledge. If my gimpy knee allows it we will probably give Cabot a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbi99 View Post
    Looking at the Google Satellite overhead for Mill Brook trail head, the parking spot looks like it only may fit two cars. Is the parking spot just past the turn also used for the trail? Also, parking is on the left, trail head is across the street on the right? If those two spots are filled, do I have a third option, like at the end of the road near that large clearing?
    If they waited 10 more days before taking this image, they would have got a bunch of us tailgating in that big lot. Bummer!


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