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  • Will do Bob, have fun in the catskills, looks like a nice weekend ahead.
    Oh, hey, just got your message, (You posted it to your board, not mine!). I'm thinking of doing this, through maybe not the Oswe. Portage, just kind of spend a long weekend in and around Lows lake, sometime in the fall. You are more than welcome to join us, for sure. I know Snickers wants to do another ADK paddle too... Have fun in the catskills, I'd join you except I have family commitments this weekend.. I told her to pick your brain. :)
    Hi Jay, I'd say post Labor Day until mid-October would be a great time for that trip, or any paddling for that matter. In the "Ignorance is Bliss" department, when I did the trip in October '91, I wore jeans, and never heard of dry tops or neoprene! It is a great trip, and I'd do it again. - Bob
    Hey Bob, what do you think is a good time for a fall paddle on Lows lake, perhaps post labor day? When I could still conceivable use a 3-season sleeping bag and before the water gets dry-top or paddling jacket cold?
    Haha, I know what you mean! I think it often happens that people know places far away from themselves better than they know their own backyard. It's a good reminder for me not to take my close-by outdoor opportunities for granted!

    Looking forward to reading your Pine Creek TR!
    It funny - like many here, I know much of the Adirondacks like it's my back yard, but I don't know squat about waterways in the nearby Southern Tier of WNY, or hiking places in Pennsylvania’s Allegany Nat. Forest less than 2 hours away. I’ve been to the Catskills twice, vs. countless times to the Adirondacks. Whenever I have time off, I nearly always head NORTH to the Adirondacks or Canada, and have zero knowledge of paddling places in PA, except Presque Isle that I learned about just last summer. I'll write a TR about Pine Creek.
    Sounds like a blast! I hope you have an excellent time. How is the rafting in PA. I've never heard much about it. Enjoy!
    Cool, sounds like a great time. My first paddle trip of the season will be next Monday. 4 of us are driving down for the day to raft about 17 miles down Pine Creek in PA.
    Just got back from paddling down the Genesee! 35+ miles in two days, it was a fun trip. We began in Wellsville, and finished in Filmore. There were a LOT of strainers! I tipped at one point and ruined my $150 camera!! Ug. Oh well, it was an excellent trip in spite of that! Saw about 10 beaver, 2 herons, 3 muskrats, and a bunch of other wildlife.

    Just thought I'd share. Have a great night!
    Hahaha, oh? Well then, it's a good thing to be obsessed about. My paddling roots actually go deeper than my hiking roots. I saw the movie Alaska when I was 9, bought an antique Folbot kayak frame a year later, and my father and grandfather and I covered it with canvas. I've been in love with kayaking ever since.

    I would definitely appreciate any paddling advice you are willing to give me about the Genesee and such. I'd also love to hear some stories about your paddling adventures!
    Got my "W"!!! Just got home early this morning and am catching up on all the TRs and also writing mine. Congrats to you guys, too!
    Hi Bob, a social group just came up about a park that happens to contain your mountain.
    Ok, well good luck on those. I hope you have awesome weather! And I look forward to your trip report on the four.
    Glad your trip was successful! Sorry we didn't run into you.

    Yes, we made it up all four. I posted a trip report if you're interested, but from 5am to 4:30pm we hiked, making the whole trip in 11 1/2 hours. It WAS a beautiful day! What a blessing.

    Maybe I'll run into you in the future. Hope you have a great week!

    Did I transmit that last message today? I wasn't finished... Did you guys get all 4 peaks Sunday? It was a great weekend with ideal weather and snow conditions. - Bob
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