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  • The light bulb just went off that I read your grid/redline post a few months ago. I wish I had made the connection (and feel a little silly about asking if you were working on the 4K list - haha). Anyway, a belated congrats!
    I wanted to congratulate you on the GRID finish today. What a wonderful day for it. (I hope it was as good in the mountains as it weatherwise here.) Would have loved to have been able to join you. I did eat a marshmallow peep in you honor. :)
    J & J- so nice to run into you yesterday! Did the undercast break up? I was also wondering if I ran into the two of you on the Jewell train one afternoon in mid November? I met two people en route up that I stopped to chat with- I had asked, "are you going up for the sunset?" Was that you? Hope to cross your trail again sometime! Best wishes, Lucky Laura
    Just thought I would drop you two a line. Met you both on my way down from Waumbek on 4/4/10. it was nice meeting the two of you. take care

    Well Dave hiking gets us excited too so we understand. We're heading out for a hike now. We'll catch the video when we get home!
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