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  • Hey Moo ... preparing for the weekend... 8 yesterday and 5 today... now rest until Sunday.
    Foot is feeling somewhat better. Walked about a mile yesterday with no real pain. I'm gonna stay outta the mountains this weekend, and hopefully be like new after that.

    Trip Report:

    Tuesday night: backpacked a couple miles to Whiteface Brook lean-to
    Wednesday: Whiteface and Esther, back to lean-to, packed up, walked 86 through Placid to the Northville-Placid trail...to Wanika Falls campsite. Slept there.
    Thursday: backpacked from Wanika to Ward Brook lean-to, met Hui Yeng, did Seymour
    Friday: left my pack at Ward Brook, did Donaldson, Emmons, Seward...foot started to hurt on the descent...really started to hurt as I headed back to the lean-to...eventually realized that I couldn't make it any further...turned around and hobbled towards Hui Yeng's car like a scared little girl.
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