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  • Spruce, I was there when you got your name and I am glad you were there when I finished the 48 and 67. Let me know before you finish your 67 and then we're going to complete the NE100 together
    Welcome to the board, Jeff! Looks like you pulled off your list-ticking exercise - congrats!
    Welcome to VFTT. Did you stage the picture for your avatar or did that photo catch you in the act?
    Congratulations on your ssw48! When you told me you'd finished, I didn't realized it was for single season. How silly of me... but that's just awesome! :D
    Congrats on finishing your single season W48 and getting on Views! Wish I could have made it to Moose for your finish but it was a Presi kinda day and my sister-in-law had her heart set on Pierce!
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