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  • Stu,
    Several people have expressed interest in hiking Katahdin when I’m up there in July. I have tentatively chosen July 13 as the primary summit day, with the next 2 days as back-up, or “rain” days - I might stay in the park longer, though. My primary goal is to top out on Baxter, and I want to include the Knife Edge in the trip. I do not have ambitions of completing any more lists (except the W46 in NY), so if trying to bag Hamlin complicates things too much, I don’t mind eliminating it.

    My friend Ed Yaris (Guinness) is also interested in this trip, and we would be driving up together from Buffalo. Ed knows somebody who lives fairly close to Baxter park, so we could have a Maine resident available to make our early reservations. I have contacted you all because you expressed interest and seemed to be solo, so maybe you’d like to camp together. If you won’t need a camping reservation (I plan to tent camp at Roaring Brook, if possible), let me know. There is much that could change between now and then, so keep posting and stay in contact if you like. Although this is still eight months away, I’m excited at the prospect of meeting all of you and hiking this great peak together. :cool:
    - Bob Van Hise (ALGonquin Bob) Tonawanda, NY [email protected]
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