“The Cog” comes to the rescue June 22, 2019


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Careful, it's easy to become accidentally ironic here. Like complaining about complainers, or screaming "no yelling" at your kids. Just because some people value stupid things doesn't mean they are stupid themselves. They might be, but that requires a longer conversation, or at least two posts. ;)

I wasn't being ironic and it wasn't necessarily a hiker specific take. I generally find people in love with themselves who proclaim their awesomeness to the world to be annoying and worth avoiding. These people fell into that category and had a condescending attitude toward "regular folks" like myself. Was not a broad brushed commentary on all trail runners, hikers, mountaineers, etc.
Thank you Wayne! The Cog and the road may not be the neighbor's you'd select, however, for being tourist driven, at times loud, bringing hordes of people to the summit where there's a building, they usually behave as well as possible in keeping true to their causes. It's not wilderness, at least it's not 6 Flags. I can still hike on weekdays, bad days (not dangerous) early, etc., to avoid some of the crowds.