2007 Ride For Research, The Brain Tumor Society


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VFTT- BTS Contribution History:

Thank you to the following:
Poison Ivy,
Bunchverymerry (bunchberry),
and any of those who have sent in donations via the mail (if anyone has yet).

Thank you for your very generous donations.

We are still $1,000 short of our goal, which is actually a LOT lower than past years as we have fewer riders.

I was looking at the site contributions in the years past out of curiosity (i rounded the numbers) I was wondering how much this site had raised over the last few years:

2006 - $5000
2005 - $7000
2004 - $5000
2003 - $3000
2002 - $1500

So far for 2007 - $1035.

That is ~ $22,500.

I have to say that is VERY impressive everyone. Its crazy how much just a little bit of donating every year really adds up. And how if everyone gives just a little bit, what a difference it makes.

Thanks again,
They need our help

It is kind of sad to see how many people have or should it be have not supported the 2007 Ride for Research. This is Darrens baby and if all the members were to donate just $2.00....they would raise over $4000.00.
Don't even think about it.

Ride registration has closed for this year's Ride for Research. So, if you were thinking about riding with Team VFTT, it's too late. However, it's never too late to donate or to volunteer at the Ride.

More thanks go out to my daughter, Amanda, and her husband, sli74, Rich and Shirley Brown and imarchant.

una_dogger and I did a 26-mile bike ride yesterday that was almost entirely on the course of the "outer loop" of the Ride for Research 50-mile ride (BTS Map). The roads are in good shape, everything's in full bloom, and the route is as gorgeous as I remember it from previous years, passing through beautiful farms and rural areas. It will be an inspiring ride.
Help TBTS....and me

Thanks, MichaelJ for bumping the thread.

Anyway, here's the deal. I need a place to stay the night before (5/19) the Ride that's a little closer to Boston than Central NY. So, in exchange for a place to crash, floor, back yard, etc., I'll make a donation to TBTS in your name. Let me know by email or PM if you can help me out.

TJ, you're always welcome to stay at my place, but I'm probably just marginably closer to boston than you, if any! :)

And I, possibly the closest dweller to the starting point, won't even be in Massachusetts...