Androscoggin River - Pulsifier Rips

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
Wow, not a lot of activity on this forum. Just a FYI, Brookfield Power is doing major work to their power house associated with their dam in Gorham NH. They have pulled the upstream river level down 5'. The dam normally backwaters at least a portion of Pulsifier Rips which are series of fast water rips starting just downstream of the papermill all the way to the dam. Its not big water but it fairly rare to see it The work is scheduled through the end of June. The other interesting thing is that despite the last log drive being in the 1960s there is still plenty of 4 foot pulp wood along the mud flats that have formed in the lower channel.
Looks like a repeat of last year, Brookfield is draining down the pond again for most of the summer into the fall