Bartlett Boulder

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Were is it, exactly?
It's in Bartlett of course. To Quote "I don't know how they feel about folks traipsing about to search it out. There is no sign, so that might be a hint they hope you don't find it.... (just my guess)". Scroll to bottom of page. Glen New Hampshire
I know. I thjought I read here (or some web page), some time ago, that it was N or Rt 302 not far W of Rt 16, and up a dirt road, etc, perhaps in someone's back yard?
Interesting, but have you been here? NH State Parks - Madison Boulder Natural Area
I first saw this hunting Partridge with my Dad around 1946. There were steps and Iron railings on top in those days. Then of local color is Goodrich Rock, Then a little more distant is Piazza Rock and if that's not enough rock there is Mahoosuc Notch on and on.
Wow. NObody knows where a piece of NH lore is.
For those who like boulders and venture west to the Adirondacks, you will enjoy this book.
"Boulders Beyond Belief" by Russell Dunn