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  • I notice your avatar shows you are a Staff Member. What is that designation and it’s duties? Thanks in advance.
    Geez, That's a new one for me. A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to be a Spam moderator. Now, maybe I am. I see some new options I never noticed before. I just deleted a post from a Vietnamese poster so let's see what happens.
    Thanks for the response. Looks like all kinds of worms are crawling out of the can around here.
    Hi, interested in joining you for some AT boundary work at some point this year. Please post on here if you need help. Schedule is tight but def. can swing a day.
    How about this Sunday, I can be at your house at 7:00 am. Avoiding the brushing is good!
    I am thinking about this Sunday, and CorMon. How about spotting a car at the AT on 25A and then driving to the Rivendale trailhead on Baker Road and doing the section that heads from the southwest corner around Cube and heads Northeast and ultimately meets up with the section that we did last Spring. It would be alot but Zippy could could carry some of the Paint we would need.
    I saw that you are planning to travel to Scotland again. Congratulations. How about the AT? Did you finish all you wanted to finish?
    Sure, I guess, I don't know what this is but if your into hike'n, a fellow can always use another friend.
    Dear Tom,
    Could you post a link for the handsaw that you carry on a regular basis? It looked to have a better handle than the Coronan saws depicted in earlier posts.
    sooo.....talked to Sally this weekend. I guess that DOC didn't know that the paint came from Park Service. Anyway, I got the right stuff from her, and will put it in the paint locker at ROBO. Also got 2 more tapes from her. nice to meet her finally! Rory was wondering if you wanted more mention on the DOC website in hopes of attracting more boundary [email protected]
    hey Tom,
    4 gallons of boundary paint just came in to DOC today! some is already in the locker at ROBO.
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