Bog River, Lows Lake 8/28-30

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Aug 9, 2004
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Long Island NY
Went there for my first time. It was a 10! Went with my daughters friend, his first paddle trip. Lucky guy, weather was perfect. We camped out at site 17, he fished while I prepared dinner. I do love to eat well on paddle trips. Chicken, veggies, pasta, rice and other goodies. We paddled the next day all over the lake and went as far as we could between the submerged tree stumps. 6 jets flew over us pretty close, ranger told us they were probably from Fort Drum. We paddled on glass for app 4 hours until a slight wind picked up. Saw a zillion stars that night, think the temp was in low 50's. Lucky us we paddled with a tailwind pretty much all the way to the upper dam. By accident we didn't pay attention to the map and went straight into a pond and missed our turn off for the river. No biggie, enjoyed the extra time. Back at the put in it was pretty crowded, app 20-25 cars. We returned the canoe back at Raquette River Outfitters, great boat and price. Big thanks to Anne for calming down my wife on the phone, she was nervous because I was a little late on my check in phone. :mad: A wonderful time up in the ADK's. Hope to get pics online in a few days.
Nope, you have to wait about 8 more months! But I will have a sugary surprise when we go out in December.