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There's that turn of the century message board stuff I missed.

Sorry about the new guy snark.
But if you all are going to keep sending me "why don't you pay to join our cool club" emails, this ain't helping.
In case you missed it, I am strictly a volunteer, I and the other moderators have zero financial interest in the site. The prior lead moderator after a long number of years running it on voluntary donation basis, moved on to other things and the remaining moderators at the time reportedly looked for alternatives and finding non other handed the site over to third party entity that runs multiple forums presumably for some financial gain. The alternative as you are aware is to move over to other forms of social media where you and your personal information becomes a product to sell. Unfortunately the old "chip in when the kitty is getting low" model for VFTT is no longer an option despite being successful for many years.
I am serious about the news channels. And, I wouldn’t be surprised at all about the cancel part.😊
Your free to watch whatever you want. The political system in this country is a dumpster fire no matter where you look.