Carrigain 1/25/2015

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Mar 5, 2012
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Trail conditions: Sawyer River Road was groomed and made for a quick ski to the trailhead. Signal Ridge is fully packed out to the summit, though a little icy in spots between the road and the beginning of the real uphill hiking. The stream crossing at Carrigain Brook is running water, but is rock-hoppable.

Special equipment: Microspikes are handy. The trail is barebootable to the summit, but we found snowshoes helpful to stay on top of a couple inches of drifted snow along the upper ridge (between the false summit and the tower). We left the snowshoes on for the descent because of crusty and slick sections in the trail. If we had brought microspikes, we probably would have worn them all the way from Sawyer River Road to the summit and back.