Cherry Mountain (mt martha) & owl's head via cherry mountain trail, martha's mile

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Feb 1, 2005
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Waltham, Mass.
Cherry Mtn Trail lot on rte 114 was not well-plowed, shallow but slippery snow. Snow tires and/or 4WD recommended (My car couldn't make it up the ramp without chains, even in reverse), but no clearance problems yet.

Trail up to the snowmobile road was a very firm, double-wide snowshoe track. Despite loud protests from a self-appointed trail guardian (another hiker's opinion of him, overheard: "what a douchebag"), bare boots did no damage to the track whatsoever. Microspikes were helpful as the trail steepened, but bare boots would have been OK too.

Snowmobile trail was packed from recent snowmobile use. Encountered one pair of snowmobiles who turned around within spitting distance of the summit because one of them got stuck on a rock that protruded through the snow.

Martha's mile had an obvious treadway trench with maybe three inches of new powder in it, now disturbed by my bare boots, but my tracks will probably fill in tonight. Last few feet onto the ledge were a slippery challenge with ice under unbroken snow, requiring much use of trees. No views today.