Owl's Head and Mt. Martha, 02 Feb 2013


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Sep 8, 2003
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Bethel, ME
Trail and Mountain: Ascended via Owl's Head trail, descended via Cherry Mtn Trail

Date of Hike: 02 Feb 2013

Trail Conditions: Mostly a thin layer of solid snow. Ice in some places, notably on the ledges on either side of Owl's Head. The beginning of the descent from Owl's Head on the way to Mt. Martha was the sketchiest of them. Lower part of the Cherry Mtn Trail had a lot of bare stretches. We eventually removed our microspikes. A few down trees on OHT and CMT, but all were easily negotiated.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - useless, Traction - essential (all of us used microspikes).

Comments: We got up to OH early enough to get views. It was getting quite hazy by the time we got to Mt. Martha.

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