Mt. Martha (Cherry mt.) and Owls Head

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Nov 13, 2004
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New hampshire
My dog is making his way through his second round of the 52wav list, this hike putting him at #19. This is a nice hike, while Mt. Martha is less than spectacular, the ridgeline over too and the summit of Owls head, make the hike overall quite nice in my opinion. Really boney conditions, I mean a dusting of snow and some ice. I wore traction, others I saw did not. I broke three ribs last winter trying not to ruin my Hillshounds, live and learn, they go on very soon now, lol. I always go up from the lot off route 115, ascending the valley next to Carter brook is very pleasant, the grades are never that steep, yet you get a decent workout. The cliff band to gain Owls Head is usually iced over and this year is no exception, luckily in the White Mountains, there is never a shortage of spruce trees to lend a branch or trunk. The views of the Presidential Range are very nice from this perch.