Daicey Pond Campground Closed in 2024 at Baxter State Park


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I had not seen this in the news but I ran into it today.

I have been lucky over the years to spend a few nights at the pond at my favorite cabin, Owls Nest. Hard to beat the view and the privacy. Many of the cabins would violate best practice for new construction on wilderness ponds as they are literally a step or two away from the shore. The cabins are kept in serviceable condition with routine maintenance and there was a new outhouse installed to service Owls Nest about 5 years ago in much better location but in general many of the cabins are in need of new roofs and roof supports along with new footings as most were built on boulders that have moved somewhat over the years. Accessibility is an issue and some cabins have pretty funky interior layouts. I wonder if the plan is to replace some with more modern structures?. The last time I stayed there pre Covid, there was a new maintenance building being built to replace an existing one and when I visited a year ago that new building was in service.

Daicey Pond and the view from the dock also was the "blow your socks off" up close and personal view of Katahdin for AT thruhikers up until around 25 years ago when the AT was relocated away from the Pond and the Birches became the new thruhikers sites. For modern thruhikers they dont know the history and probably would kick themselves for not taking the extra 100 yards to visit the spot. Due to the alignment of the cabins and the pond the entire west side of the mountain reflects in the water on calm days and the sunset views of the sunset rising up the side of Katahdin are hard to beat anywhere in the park.