Does anyone know of any hikes that include a ghost town?

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Papa Bear said:
We walked through a virtual town with cellar holes, stone and terra-cotta walls, dams and even a concrete path. I never knew this area was there. It's now Hudson Highlands State Park, but I don't know what 19th century town it was. I guess Google will tell.

Anyone know what the history of this place is?
Don't have any specifics, but when I investigated (via web searches) Breakneck Ridge, I found quite a bit of historical info.

Jay H said:
Cornish Estate?

I've hiked it, it's somewhat in the valley in between Bull Hill and Breakneck Ridge. lots of carriage roads and various foundations in different states of ruin.
Yes. The Cornish Estate (an old dairy farm) must be the place a little ways east (uphill) of the turn-off to Taurus (Bull Hill). It's just below the reservoir/lake whatever. An AMC group was lunching there and they said it was an old dairy farm.

The other stuff, maybe 1/2 mile further west (down hill) is evidently the quarrying town mentioned in the Summit Post blurb

I knew Jay would know.
Slightly off topic but appropriate

Peeling was a "hill town". The hilltops and high ridges got more sunlight and warmer temps than the low valleys thereby giving them a longer growing season. The road leading through the town was a main road then.
Pawtuckaway had a small village and some very interesting history.